Helping families thrive in a tech heavy world

Whether you are struggling with screen addicted kids, concerned about how to keep them safe on social media, or when to give them their first smartphone, we have tools to help. Every family is different and our resources can help you find what works best for your family!

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You get to choose what you want your families relationship with technology to look like.

We are the first generation of parents raising kids that don’t remember life without the internet. And our children are the first generation that don’t remember life without the internet. We believe it’s possible for every family to be safe online and find balance with technology.

“I had the privilege of collaborating with April at a local event regarding “The hidden impact of social media on your family”. She is engaging and articulate while talking about the potential dangers for children when using social media sites. I believe her message is needed in today’s society. I highly recommend trying to catch an event taught by April Whiting.”

Jeff McNeil

Commander, Show Low Police Department

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